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why are you still single?

Very important topic today we are going to discuss today.

this article is for the persons who tries very hard to be in relationship, but at ends ended up in being a single. so what are the reasons, what are the requirements everything we will cover in this topic.

so if you are still single, and dont know whats happening with you this article is for you only.

see understand one thing, there is nothing to do with what religion, nationality or gender you carry, with being single. who ever is still single is either by their choice or by mistakes.

In case if its your choice, this article is not for you. because we will not force you to change your choice. there might be reasons for the choice you have made. so its your personal aspect. but still if you think to be in relationship later, you can read this article.

So lets discuss the reasons for this problem.

–> Too many choice

As a human being we all think that we deserve the best. so we keep on trying with many partners to find the best among all. instead we should stay with our first partner. no matter whether your partner is good looking or not. the thing matters here is you should respect your first partner who gave you the chance to be in relationship. so dont make too many choices and try to stay with only one.

remember one thing in searching of best one you will going to loose the good one. so dont keep relationship with many. choose one and stay with him/her forever.

–> No Improvements

Its very common that, no relationships will go smoother. there will be fights, confusions and doubts also. so people try to cutoff the relationship, instead of improving their selves.

these are the people who have “why should I?” attitude. this needs to be changed. if you will not improve in your relationship then who will improve. no one else from outside. its fully related with you only.

try to make improvement towards approaches and problems. dont repeat the same mistake again and again. if you are doing this it means you have not improved, at last it will end making you single.

–> Lack of taking stands

people generally feels comfortable with their comfort zone. they never want to change it. taking a stand for any situation or decision will break your comfort zone and thats why people dont take stands to save relationship.

Its obvious also, because taking a stand is not easy. it welcomes many more challenges.

so people who cant take stands in relationship, will have no future with their partner. why your partner trust you, if you cant take stand for him/her.

remember one thing if you are on true path and your intentions are real, always take a stand wherever it is required.

–> No sorry no thank you

once anyone is in relationship, they start taking their partner as granted. if they are making any mistake they dont say sorry even. neither say thank you to his/her partner if his/her partner has helped.

day by day people forget to use these words in relationship. but in real world these are the two words on which your relationship is running on. so keep using such beautiful words.

so its necessary to ask for apology and also to show gratitude towards any help.

–> Rude Behavior

Guys these will not work in any relationship. if you are rude, stay single. relationship is not for you.

how can anyone so rude to his/her partner. no one will pass his/her whole life with rude person. this is not acceptable.

if you are rude, you have to be polite any how. then only your partner will feel comfortable with you. actually being rude will not work in any area of life. whether its relationship or professional job.

so change your behavior to polite one. if you want to succeed in life.

–> Lack of patience

Today time is very important factor in everyone’s life. in this digital world no one have time. everyone needs to accomplish everything very fast. so they behave same way in relationship also.

relationship will take a time. you cant make it going according to your time or wish. you have to give enough time to get the best results.

people dont have patience now a days, they believe like today relationship is started and next day it should get married. hahaha…. this never happens. so be ready to give enough time.

–> Ego

the last but not least, very important factor “ego”, which everyone have. even you and me as well. its very common. everyone believes that he/she is the best. but in real world thats not true.

if you or your partner is egoistic, remember my words, relationship will not stay long. this is the most common reason found in breakups.

no one is ready to let go his/her ego, for sake of relationship. some relationships are ended just because his/her ego was hurted… oh really ?? does it really make any sense..?

guys if you have ego forget about relationship. stay single and love your ego whole life.

if you are the person who cant wait, dont have patience then forget about any partner in your life.

its not any pizza, that you are served and enjoyed. so people who have lack of patience are generally found single. this should be improved.

So here we have mentioned some of the reasons due to which relationship dont work and people stays single. if you are one of them who have these characteristics, its time to upgrade yourself.

these are the basic things required in relationship, then only you can have relationship. otherwise its best to choose staying single.

Hope you like the article, and we wish it has helped you understand the reasons of why people are still single.

let us know to discuss the topics of your interest by commenting on our articles. we will be back with that topic very soon.


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  1. I like this blog very much, Its a very nice post to read and receive information. “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” by Margaret Hilda Thatcher.

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