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whats the love?

The very common word, but still people cant understand the love.

Since born we are loved by many in our life, like our parents, relatives, friends, teachers etc. then still we are looking for the love. does it happens with you? if yes read the article to end, because its related to you only.

I have seen many people, they dont have feelings and live for sake of living only. it happens because they dont like people around them, they always live alone. Remember one thing in life, if you are not surrounded by people it means you are on wrong path in life. such alone people afraid of love and feelings.

We think that someone will come in our life and love us the way we want. but is it real ? the answer is no. because the theory itself is wrong.

If suppose someone enters your life and love you the way you want, still your relationship will not going to work. you are going to make mistake. because you dont know what is love..

 Love is nothing, but infinite. Meaning of love is to give with no returns expecting. we can say the love of our parents towards us, that can be considered as true love. because parents just grow their children and love, to the end of their life. Yup here also there is little bit desire of return, like in times of old age children will take care of parents. this is the only return the parents expects for their love.

so whats infinite then ?  now its time to deep dive into the main topic. to understand the love, you have to understand the concept of nature. we are all surround by nature. so there is one formula as given below,

whatever we give to nature, it gives back double.

so if you give love, you will receive double love. sameway if you give cheat, you will receive double cheat. this is fact and it applies in whole universe. so we need to give infinite love to the nature. I hope you know what is infinite now. but still we have not concluded what is love ?

so before we talk of what is love, remember one thing if you dont love yourself you cant love others. then only you will get the surroundings and try to avoid being alone. you should have happy and healthy surroundings. if it is there you are giving the love and receiving too. the same way your surrounding have to do.

I know the simple topic has become little complicated, but we want you to the point where you can see the immediate effect after reading this article. so love is to spread happiness, in arithmetic formula you can say like

Love = Happiness

Now it depends on you how you can bring happiness to others. the day you understand to bring happiness in others life you will also understand the true love.  because love makes people happy, no matter how you make them happy.

Many will guide you that love happens only once, thats totally wrong.. it happens infinite. if someone has dropped you, no need to suicide or depression.  just go with other option and be happy, make others happy.  this is the only option we can grow and help others to grow. So finally we can conclude that Love is happiness. but for that you have to understand many concepts and its theory.

you will be confused, knowing that if you keep spreading happiness, some people will take advantage of you also. but remember the theory of nature. if some people gives you hate in return, then some people will give you more love in return.. so dont confused and keep spreading happiness.


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  1. Thanks , I have recently been looking for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered till now. But, what about the conclusion? Are you sure about the source?

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