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What to choose in Family and love??

Worst Condition of Life.

If you are lucky enough then you never have this situation, and I pray no one get this situation in life. but if you are not lucky enough and you are at the most critical mode of life where you can go either with family or love  then here is the place
where you can get the right direction and guidance to choose between them.

If you are in a state to choose love or family, I am sure by the end of this article your doubt will no more and you will be confident to make a decision over your choices.


Sometimes it happens the life brings such situation in our life that we have to make a choice between love and family. But why it happens ??

so here are the some reasons…

–> your partner is not from family-oriented background and pressures to disjoint from family

–> you are in a relationship where you dont have the clear commitment and you are on waiting mode. alongside your family looks after the boy/girl for you.

–> you are over age now and fell in love with someone younger than you

–> you are creating the situation intentionally

–> your partner and your family dont match with each other

–> you are the person who thinks too much and dont have the ability to make decision.

The list of reasons will go on, but our focus is on to make a decision in making a choice from love or family.

so let’s discuss than. Our discussion will be based on certain conditions and lets keep everything simple.

Condition 1:
Your family is not good and your partner is good.

There are many families who dont have time for their children, they are just too busy in their life. Its a family where everyone is just leaving but not enjoying the life together.

Some people have the tendency to have boy, girl as their first child. Parents already assumed what to have as a first child and if they have boy instead of girl or girl instead of boy, the same kid is not treated well until the parents wish is accomplished. thats because some family have more love towards baby boy, and some have more love towards baby girl.

so, in such cases family dont treat the boy/girl properly, and this leads to find a love outside of home. this is main reason why today’s generations are getting
more closer towards the outsider than family. because from family they dont get
that love and affectionate.

so, if you are from such family where you have been treated as a labour and not part of family….If your family scolds you every time, dont support your decisions, never stands for you.. then its better to leave alone and still support your family. because whatever…its your family. you can detach from it, but cant just cut off. so
go with your partner and keep supporting your family.

Remember one thing dont lose your partner if your partner treats you more beautifully than your family.

Condition 2:
Your family is good and your partner is also good.

Lets go to the time when you were born. It was the family who accepted you as you are. they dont care about your look or gender. they are just happy because you were there. This is the family who always stand with you in every situation of your life.

If you feel whatever you are today thats because of your family then dont make a mistake losing your family.

Your partner is also the same as your family, doing everything for you, taking stand for you, make sacrifices for you, then the situation becomes very hard to choose between them.

compare the love received from your family and your partner, compare the time you have spent with both of them and finally look at the sacrifices who made more sacrifices for you…when you think about these things you will surely get the answer.

Just go blindly with that answer and choose that option first.

But don’t let go your second option. Its as important in your life, how can you let it go. no never. Wait for the right time to convince the second option. Try hard to get it back within few months of time.  

Here you can choose family first or love first, but remember you don’t have to let go another option as well. Make a plan of month or two. Realise your absence and approach your second option. Don’t just cut off.

Condition 3:
Your family is not good and your partner is also not good.

If this is the case and you are confused to choose between them, then dear its not their fault. Its you who is messing up the things.

you are not able to handle things. So dont blame to your family or love. improve yourself and first of all, become such a person worth of making selection. Remember one thing dear, family and love both cant be wrong. If you are finding both of them wrong, then no one can help you making a life easier.
Just one sentence “Improve Yourself”.

Condition 4:
Your family is good and your partner is not good.

If you have this situation and you are not able to make decision then you need more experiences of life to make you mature. you cant be mature until you dont experience the life. do mistakes and learn from them. Build your career and life. Focus on handwork.

still there is very easy solution for this condition. choose your family and give a chance to your partner to improve. dont just cut off your relationship. even after 1-2 chances your partner don’t have any improvement, then its time to cut off from


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