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Trust issues

In this article we will discuss the point trust issues. the reason to include this topic is to understand the cause of factors which are responsible for losing the trust.

sometimes it happens that, we want to trust someone, who is caring,gentle and kind. still we feel that no we should not trust him/her. we wanted to trust but we cant. so why such thing happens that we will see in this article.

In life we meet many persons with different different qualities. we are attracted to some of them and we wish to have good bonding with them. we also try to communicate but when it comes to trust, something restricts us and we are not able to trust that person. this is normal thing. it can happen with anyone. but we dont the know the reason behind this.

the reason is very simple. its clarity. we are not able to find the person clear about his/her intentions, thoughts, beliefs and commitment. thats why we are restricted to put our trust on the opposite person.

think like you are very clear about the intentions and thoughts of opposite person, you will definitely put your trust on him/her. because that person has shown you the clear picture of what he/she is.

so it becomes easy for anyone to trust such people. but some people hide their real identity and behave like their 2nd identity. in that case you will never find that person trust worthy. the simple reason is he/she is not clear about him/her self

any relationship cant stay longer until its clean and clear. just look into your relationship and check if everything is clear, if not then there are chances of trust issues. because unclear communications or personalities going to create trust issues that is very sure, as true as life and death.

in relationship if any partner fails to show his/her clear picture of life, trust issue will rise. because you will never get to particular decision until you have clarity in your relationship. so clarity is must.

we never trust lion or tiger while visiting any forest, because its very clear that we will be lunch for them. so here we have strong clarity. same way we save our money in bank because we have clarity that our money is safe in bank.

so clarity is the only thing which make you very sure to trust or not. if there is no clarity or can say clear picture you will not take decision whether to trust or not.

you can bring the clarity in any relationship by gaining trust and showing your potentials for your partner. if these two things are done, its very much easy for you get the clarity in your relationship.

please read our articles of process page where we have mentioned the whole flow from starting to end.

In short if you want to understand in easy words why trust issues happens, there is only one reason, lack of clarity. sometimes it also happens that your partner is not giving the clarity intentionally, in that case its a signal to wait. your partner is not ready for commitment now. the time is not in your favor.

hope this article helps you to understand the trust issue topic and its reason.

let us know to discuss the topics of your interest by commenting on our articles. we will be back with that topic very soon.


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