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Role of respect and its importance​

Everyone in this world know what is the respect, Still we choose this topic to discuss.

First lets understand what is respect? we can say in simple words like, its nothing but a some units of value. basically respect = value very simple formula.

we respect our parents, our elders because we know their values in our life. and that’s why we respect them. right…?

so this formula is applied everywhere in the world. we respect someone means we give them some values. but these can be different as per different persons

lets say, I am surrounding one stranger and one of my friend. so both of them have different values in my life. so it doesn’t mean that I will not respect the stranger, of course I will respect the stranger as well. but it would not the same as my friend. in real it would be some more less or equal to respect I am giving to my friend.

As I mentined above example we have different values for all the persons and we behave like that only. our priority also becomes that way, on basis of value figures we are giving to our surroundings.

lets say, if i am talking with one of my friend, and meanwhile if i got the call of my dad, I will say my friend that i will call you within a few minutes. so i will disconnect that and i will first look into the matter of my dad. but why I do this way ? because my dad’s values is more than my friend.

so respect is nothing but the values you give to others. remember one thing, whatever value you are giving to your friends,relatives, bf/gf, parents its upto you only. its not mandatory that the opponent also give you the same value as you do.

if you want to increase your value, first you have to give value. remember there is one quote “give respect and take respect” its simply means “give value and take value” nothing complicated.

people will respect you, if you respect them.

Once you build your enough value, and you know that your values is so and so, at that point you will understand about reality. if someone is not respecting you in return, you will know that person is not that much capable like you. because giving value to everyone is not our mentality. we just value those people whom we find useful in our life. but legends are different. they value all and all values legends.

so in terms of respect you have to think like legend not an ordinary people. if anyone is there who is not enough in your capability, status, achievement…whatever it doesn’t mean that you have right to disrespect. he/she is enough success full at his/her life. we should respect to him/her at his/her place.

As a human being we all wants to be respected by others. but first we have to learn to respect others. there are many people in world they dont respect the lower people. I dont know why people do that. those lower people also have values, and we should give them.

hope this article has helped you understand the concept of respect and its importance. try to look in different way than others to be different than others.

let us know to discuss the topics of your interest by commenting on our articles. we will be back with that topic very soon.


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