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Reasons of toxic relationships

In today’s world there are many people who dont understand whats the relationship. so when they dive into it, they just spoil the relationship and even gives the bad experience to his/her partner.

This article is about the reasons of toxic relationships. but before we moved to that points, lets discuss about the toxic relationship.

So what is a toxic relationship ?

In simple words a relationship which don’t give you the peace of mind is called toxic relationship.

Points to identify toxic relationship

–> your partner is committing the same mistake over and over

–> there is no seriousness from your partner

–> you are being taken as granted

–> you are being forced

–> you are not being respected

–> you are not given enough clarity

–> you are tested by your partner to check for loyalty or trust

–> frequent fights for no reasons

–> too much pressures to take decision

–> you are not cared and loved

if you feel that these things are happening with you in your relationship, then you are in toxic relationship. its better to move from there. you deserve much more better. you are meant for best one,not for this toxic one.

Now lets see the reasons of toxic relationship

–> insecurity

–> rude behavior

–> being of prince/princess attitude

–> lack of politeness and manners

–> greedy behavior

–> lack of understanding towards relationship

–> lack of tolerance and trust

these are some of the reasons why toxic relationship come into existence.

if you are making any of these mistakes, please improve it. otherwise be ready to loss your partner.

how can anyone live in such toxic relationship, no one will ready to be in. because everyone desires for the best part only. but there are some stupid people who dont know anything of relationship and creates the toxic relationship for others also.

so if you feel that your partner behaves the same way as we have mentioned in above points, its time to move on from that person. every one has right to live their life the way he/she want. no one can put any pressures or decide on his/her life.

In real world, when anyone is forcing or paining you, then he/she knows what he/she is doing. so if your partner says that it was mistake, no need to trust again. and suppose if its a really mistake you know very well that it was a mistake or not. it purely depends on you to give another chance or not.

hope you like our article on reasons of toxic relationship and helps you to understand its concept.

let us know to discuss the topics of your interest by commenting on our articles. we will be back with that topic very soon.


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