step 8: Obstacles

So great to see you on this step. hope you had the great journey until now. we are pleased to know you are very happy and committed towards your relationship.

In this article we focus on obstacles that can affect your relationship. In real world there are no such obstacles if family of both the partners is well educated and have broad mind thinking.

still there are some issues which are worth discussing.

-> Religion : it may happen that you both belong to different religion. so there will be different culture and beliefs. you both have to respect each other’s religion and convince your family to do the same. think twice whether you are comfortable with so and so religion or not. cause you have to respect that religion, no matter if you like or not. As a human we should respect all the religions on earth.

->Long distance : may be you both belong to different state or country, so parents are very much worried for girls. in this case the girl’s side has bigger problem and its genuine also. so you have to keep in mind that long distance should not be a problem which kills your relationship. long distance means different culture and traditions also. so be ready to adjust with them as well.

-> Status : this is very much considered. everything else would be accepted if you have the good status. your religion or long distance would not be a big problem if you hold very good status. you should be sound very good in economic terms. so status is very important. I will suggest to make your status first then you will get anyone of your choice.

-> Background : sometimes your or your family background is responsible for your failure. may be some mistakes are done in past, due to which no one is trusting today and its obvious. so make sure not to make any mistake in today  that leads to failure in future. your background should be very clean if you want a partner of your choice.

-> Family atmosphere :  this is very much important, as you have to live within. if your family atmosphere is not good, it can create a problem. so try to have a good and healthy family atmosphere at your home. always solve your family issues first. try to build the family that everyone loves to visit your family.

so these were some of the main obstacles which you can face in your relationship. but still if you two are committed and decided to face any problem, then there is no problem for you. no problem can stop you from getting your partner.

but the condition is you and your partner should be committed enough to fight for every situations and problems in life. before any problem your mutual understanding is more important. build that before jumping into the fights for problems.

hope this will clear your doubt for obstacles that can arise in any relationship.

let us know to discuss the topics of your interest by commenting on our articles. we will be back with that topic very soon.



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