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No contact

sometimes it happens that we hurts someone unknowingly and that person is so hurt that he/she stops chatting with us. a situation where we have contact number, social media connection but we are not able to send message to particular person is called as no contact situation. one more face is also there to this scenario, the person whom you are sending message is not replying, whatever may be the reason. that’s also comes into this segment only.

so the main cause of this situation is either you have hurt your partner very badly or your partner is not interested in you. there cant be any other reasons. these are the only two main reasons.

lets consider the first one, where your partner is hurt by you very badly. Remember one thing if you have hurt someone, then you have to heal also. of course its easy to hurt but difficult to heal. but you have to anyhow. you can not be quick in healing your partner.

first of all think about why you have hurt your partner, what was the real cause of everything. what was your approach towards the situation. think of these points. try to figure out what does make you hurt your partner. once you are done with this, its time to ask for apology to your partner. wait for your partner to reply.

wait for 3-4 days, still if your partner not reply, again ask for apology and try to clear the situation and confusion. give him/her trust that these thing will not be happen again. show your emotions. once you are done with this. your partner will heal a little bit.

wait for 2-3 days, try to make a smile on his/her face, by sending a jokes or make some mimicry. again say sorry and tell how important he/she is for you.

keep on doing such activities for few weeks until your partner is fully healed. and dont do such things that hurts him/her again, otherwise the situation will become worse than before. then it will be more difficult to deal with.

Now lets talk about the second scenario, where your partner is not interest in you.

In this case you cant do much more. because there might be many reasons, which are listed below

–> your partner is committed to someone else

–> your partner is busy with career or struggling

–> you are not creative enough

–> you seems to be bored

–> lack of confidence in face to face conversation

–> poor sense of dressing

so these are some of the reasons, why you are not getting the reply. in this case you should be well prepared, well dressed, well mannered and well creative. then only you will get reply. if you have these qualities, no matter if your partner is committed still you will get the reply. but remember that could be for just hi hello type. it means you can get starting point. but it doesnt mean you will get your partner. later on it purely depends on you, how to carry the conversation.

hope this article will help you understand the no contact situation and how you can deal with it.

let us know to discuss the topics of your interest by commenting on our articles. we will be back with that topic very soon.


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