step 6: No Checking and No Testing

If you have gone through upto step5. you probably knows of your partner very well. there is no need to check or test your partner. it will be very hurtful if your partner finds out that you have checked upon him. it will lead to break up also.

so why we have covered this topic here ? you might be wondered. Ethically we dont have rights to check or test any person.

The reason to include this point is, we have seen many people they checked upon their partner, test the loyalty of their partner etc..If you wanted to do such things, then why you jumped in relationship. if you cant trust your partner, you dont have to be in any relationship.

By this point we just wanted to aware you that, please dont do checking and testing your partner. you are at the stage if you now check or test your partner, your relationship will be no more and you will regret the whole life. this is the stage where many guys do mistake and test their partner to check if he/she really loves or not.

But whats the need of that. cant you feel the love from your partner? arent you able to see the feelings of your partner? if you are facing these issues, then my dear friend you have not understand whats the relationship is. please improve and gain some experiences of life.

Remember one thing if you have thinking to check for your partner, the same thing could be happen with you. so never checking and testing in relationship.

specially never test your partner’s loyalty. if you feel your partner is not loyal, let it be. he/she will be paid by universe. but you dont need to take step into that. you must be clear and committed towards what you are doing.

Many guys check the mobile and chats, social accounts of their partner..but does it really make sense ? and relationship ends up with no more options left. Dont worry life will give many chances where you and your partner will be tested.

many gets irritated if his/her partner talks with other girl/boy. thats not the view you have to view at. never jealous if your partner is with someone else. be confident about your partner. your patience and trust will be paid, dont worry for that. but just dont spoil your relationship by doubting your partner.

remember dont check personal messages, social accounts, personal chats etc. time will come and your partner will show you everything by himself.

Hope this article will help you and clear your doubt about not to check or test your partner.

let us know to discuss the topics of your interest by commenting on our articles. we will be back with that topic very soon.



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