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How to trust in relationship?

Trust is just a single word. but its the only factor which is required in every relationship. whether you have friends, relatives, families or your partner. if there is no trust, means there is no relation no bonding nothing is there.

here relationship doesn’t mean a relationship between a boy or girl, its general relationship. it can be relationship between you and your neighbour, you and your brother/sister, you and your mom/dad, you and your bf/gf, its not for any particular. as this topic is applied in every relationship, you have to consider every relationship.

so that’s the point we are going to discuss today. we will talk on trust, what is trust and how you can trust others and how everyone can trust you.. so these are some good topics to discuss in this article.

let us understand what is the trust first ?

just think for a while and try to answer this question. what is trust according to you.. did you get the answer ? if yes please comment down the answer..

Trust : trust is an emotional feeling that makes us feel secure and safe with the person we are living.

This is the simple definition you can understand. this can be feel also in life. that we will see in next topic.

How to identify to trust any one ?

now to answer this question, you have to feel the vibes from person. let us understand this with the example. we are easily habituate to trust our family members. but why ? do you ever think about this? its because we feel safe and secure with them. if we have committed any mistake, still we talk of it with family, because we know they will stand for us and give us another chance to improve.

the same feeling is applied everywhere in world. if you feel that the person that you dealing with, can stand for you and support you and if you feel safe & secure with him/her then you can trust that person. so in terms of any relationship if you think you are safe and secure with your partner, you can blindly trust him/her.

hope this will clear your doubt and you can know if you want to trust your partner/friend/relative or not..

How everyone can trust you?

if you understand how you can trust others, it will be easy for you to understand how others can trust you.

see anyone can trust you, if they feel safe and secure with you. if they feel that you will always stand with them. so make some of your own ethics. ex. you will not hurt anyone in your surrounding, you will not make anyone sad etc etc..

the more specific ethics you have, the more better you will understand, where to take a stand and where not to take. to make everyone trust is not just a belief, that you just believe and happens. you have to take actions and more importantly stick towards your ethics you have mentioned for you. its all about the system that you follow according to your ethics. it takes a time, but its very sure that after a specific time, people will trust you for sure.

you have to make people feel safe & secure. if someone tells you the personal things, never make fun of that. try to make it secure and never spread in people. if someone shares personal pictures, never edit them and use for fun or illegal activities.

so these are some areas where your ethics plays a major role.  then only other can trust you, if you are well taker and stand for your words. try to spread happiness. because people like a person who lives happily and make others happy. so smile is also factor you can work on it.

hope this will help you, to understand how others can trust you.

let us know to discuss the topics of your interest by commenting on our articles. we will be back with that topic very soon.


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