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Frequent Fights

Are you facing this problem in your relationship ?

then you are at right place, because today we discuss the topic of frequent fights, its causes and how to deal with it.

so lets start. see its very common to have fights in relationship. fights are considered as a must to have element in relationship. this statement will really confuse you. as we mentioned earlier that fights are common in relationships, it will going to happen any how. you cant have control over it.

the thing which you can control is, the matter of fight. next time you can make sure that there will not be any fights regarding this matter. there will be fight but the matter will be different. so try to avoid fights on same matter every time in relationship.

Lets see the cause of fights. basically if we see the major causes, there are only two. if anyone have these two in relationship, it is not going to work.

-> lack of mutual understanding

-> lack of trust in relationship

there are many others also, but they are negligible. these two are main important areas. mutual understanding and trust. lead your relationship in such a way that these two factors can never create a problem for you.

lack of mutual understanding means two of you in relationship don’t understands each other and keep on fighting on silly reasons. due to which lack of trust is seen in relationship. once the relationship reached to this level, then its very difficult to regain everything back to normal.

so first give enough time to your relationship, understand each other well. build trust and bonding. a strong relationship can stay longer than normal time pass relationships.

How to deal with it ?

If you feel that your relationship needs a chance to improve, and your partner will give that chance then only you will be able to deal with the problem.

first of all, just give some space to your partner to be normal. wait for 3-4 days and then apologize to your partner and try to clear the facts and show your love towards your partner. but this should be done from heart. just telling from your mouth will not going to work. whatever you speak, just speak with the actual feeling and show you are really sorry for whatever happened.

dont force your partner to accept your sorry. once you said sorry, dont be quick. wait for your partner to reply. he/she will definitely reply if you wait.

when he/she reply, wait for 1-2 day and ask for meeting at some place to have coffee or lunch etc. there you have to show your emotional loss. how you feel without your partner during these days.

if required, ask your partner to clear out all the confusion or whatever the matter it was. try to give trust that this will not happen again. and if you are really serious the situation will never happen again.

Note : if you feel that your partner is taking advantage of your courtesy, and fights are happening for the same matter, its time to put an end to your relationship. it requires guts but its really necessary. dont waste time for the worst, something best is waiting in future.

hope this will help you to understand the concept of frequent fights and why it is caused.

let us know to discuss the topics of your interest by commenting on our articles. we will be back with that topic very soon.


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