Vibrations and Energies

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If you thing your love story is worth publishing, send us your story and we will publish on our website.. so that others also can learn from your story. just connect with us on whatsapp and we will be in touch with you.

Tough times

It is not necessary that every relationship go smoothly. there are many reasons for that. so before diving into any relationship gain some knowledge so that such situations never happened to your relationship.

Frequent Fights

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Trust Issues

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check your surrounding

Good thoughts can come when you have good surrounding

always Helpful

As a human being we always face some challenges in life. it can be easily handled if you have supportive people in your life.

always Happy

Your surrounding should be happier one. because you will gain that same energy. so dont live with people who dont try to be happy.

always Positive

Very important factor. you act like what you have. so people should think positively. otherwise you will act negatively.

always Funny

If your surrounding is funny one, you will enjoy to be with. it not only makes you smile, but also helps to release stress. so have funny people in life.

Wonder!! how universe plays a role in your relationship!!


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