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Elements of relationship

Many guys just lost their partner, because the relationship didn’t go well.

If you are in relationship with some one then it mostly depends how the relationship is being driven by both the partners. for that we have to understand the few fundamental essential elements which should be present in your relationship.

Essential Elements of Relationship :

1) Trust

The first thing about any relationship is trust. if you don’t trust your partner, you don’t trust the relationship as well. so just get rid of it and dont hurt others.
situations will arise where you may doubt your partner, but that’s the time to show your trust towards your partner. have faith in your partner. chances are there, that your partner may cheat. but  that can be acceptable but not to trust intentionally is making your relationship weak and will no more in future. so trust your partner to the fullest.
2) Stand
Wherever you feel to take a stand for your partner, just take without thinking of much. if you stand today, your partner will stand tomorrow. and this will be continue till the end of your life. so its must to take a stand for your partner. In every situation you should stand with your partner. never take step back when its time take step forward. to take stand for someone needs guts. very few people can take it. so be proud if you can take a stand.
3) Respect
Never disrespect your partner publicly. it hurts too much when your partner do this thing. your partner will never forget this. respect your partner in every manner, no matter how he/she looks. always respect the decision taken by your partner. moreover respect the religion, belief,culture everything of your partner. that’s very important.
4) Care
Its important to care your partner in relationship. you just have to care not to over care. no one likes over care, so care your partner upto some limit. dont do funny things like “have you take your food or not..!” thats not caring. its like you really worry for your partner. show your worry dont show your care. advice to take medicine is caring, but advice to take breakfast,lunch etc..its not caring. so be specific towards your caring.
5) Space
Life brings very different situations. sometimes it becomes necessary to give enough space to your partner, rather being with him. so you have to understand about this. when your partner needs a space. so never take it as negative point if your partner need personal space. just offer him politely. once your partner is normal he/she will be back. so please ready to give enough space whenever required.
so these are the main elements that everyone should understand to keep your relationship very healthy and prosperous. once you understood these fundamentals you will love to have your relationship as blessings.

hope this will help you and clear your doubts.



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