step 3: connect

Very well done.. hope you have choose your partner and approached him successfully.

so in this article we will see how to connect with your partner. here connect means connecting for communication. like being in contact with your partner.

We consider that you have approached your partner, and spend some of time. but you have not ask for personal communication medium.

so this is the time you have to ask for personal communication medium. in today’s world there are many medium of communication. but will it work if someone directly asks for the personal mobile number or connects on facebook? the answer is no.

No one will accept your request until you have approached your partner, as we discussed in article step 2.

Start with some social media, where you both are available. show how much you are good at social media. start to chat on social media. you can choose any medium of social media. post good content which indirectly point to your partner. discuss about some common posts. try to be present your own idea about what you think. dont spread negativity. that is very important.

Once the social media communication is started, spending few weeks over there, you can asks for personal number. but ask very politely. dont ask until you are very sure of getting it. if you feel that this is not right time to ask mobile number, dont be quick, spend some more time on social media.

No need to like every photos, giving comments on social media. just do whatever necessary. If you are linking the photos or post, or giving any comment, be sure why you did that. your partner will definitely asks sometimes.

Later on asks for mobile number, when you are 100% confident and ready to communicate effectively.

Remember one thing, if you are asking for personal mobile number it means you are responsible for the communication. so please planned for communication before getting the mobile number.

your plan should consider the following thing

-> how much time are you comfortable to share with your partner. make fixed amount of time to spend.

-> decide one or two particular time to chat. its not like you can chat whole day. that shows you dont have anything to work on other than this.

-> select the good topics in your chat

-> always complete your chat, dont just cut off suddenly.

->if you are not available for few days or week, let your partner knows about it.

-> never make waiting your partner for long time. if communication is going on.

->  what quality talks you are going to discuss or chat.

So if you have planned your communication, now you can jump into the chatting. and please be committed towards your plan. if you have decide to spend 1-2 hours then just spend that much only.

Dont planned like an idiot, Ex. spending time = 24 hours.

so this way you have to connect with your partner. keeping in mind all the points mentioned above.

let us know to discuss the topics of your interest by commenting on our articles. we will be back with that topic very soon.



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