step 2: Approach

Its nice to hear that you already choose your partner. very very Congratulations!!!

Lets talk about step 2 now. you might be wondering about how to approach now? but no worries, we are here for you.

see to approach someone is not a trick or any plan. that anyone can achieve the results. its a process. very well planned process towards your partner.

As you have your partner in your mind, now its time to get closer. always start with a small steps. here we consider that you and your partner belongs to same place in some or other way like college, office, city etc.

Before approaching your partner, there is some basic criteria as given below

–> your partner knows of you a little bit like your name, department etc.

–> your partner knows that you exists in real and have seen you in college or office etc..

–>you and your partner have came across some how

–> you and your partner had eye contacts earlier.

If suppose you have never meet your partner and dont know anything about, then its time to create first impression. then only you can make approach.
Lets continue with our main topic, how to approach your partner. so we consider you have passed the basic criteria and ready to move forward.
if you wanna approach your partner make sure your partner is in good mood and happy. then only will listen to you carefully. if your partner is disturbed one chances are less towards your communication. so please choose proper time, proper place and proper mood while opening a conversation. otherwise its enough to have an end to your starting.
1) Introduction
An approach is a process, not an event. so it takes time to get results. To approach your partner start with hi and introduce yourself, as you both know each other by face, but never communicate before.
If you dont know how to introduce yourself click on above link and read article.
Just do a normal introduction and make sure your partner is enough comfortable to listen to you.
Example : Hi xyz, We have been in same college/office but never been in communication. I am abc from so and so branch/department.. I hope I am not bothering you, can you please help me out regarding this ?
so in this way you can start with your conversation. very soft and simple. 
2) Communication
After your introduction just show your interest, why you want to communicate with your partner. that may be related to any project, help or opinion.
generally the same kind of interest is good choice to start with. make sure this is  your first conversation, it should be precise and short one. so as soon you finish your introduction, you have to pick a topic which is worth of discussing and interesting. after a few minutes of discussion, take leave with permission, it looks generous if you do such things.
Example : I have seen you are very confident in this area, it would be great if you can suggest me on this.. thanks it was nice meeting you.. may i leave? i have some work to look..and say good bye very politely.
this is just formal communication dont ask anything personal. otherwise you are gone.
3) Collect interesting topics
So once the communication start, it should never be end. Time to collect few good topics to discuss more and that can justify your beliefs and thinking. you can go with topics like national/international current affairs, current national/international incidents etc. it shows knowledge as well as shows that you are updated with the surrounding. generally such topics are boring but in real they are the topics you can master and show your knowledge and your opinion.
Example : Hey, you know our country just doubled the import duty..! it will going to affect the small traders as well.
such topics are worth discussing and everyone will be curious towards your opinion. so you have to discuss such topics with your partner.. give enough space and time to your opposite one also. listen to him/her with attention and then give your reply back.
Every time you don’t have to discuss such topics…whenever something take place locally or globally then only discuss the topic.
4)Make to laugh your partner
This is the most important factor, if you can not make anyone laugh, forget about to have your partner. whenever you meet your partner, make that moment a beautiful one. have a real smile on your face and try to make your partner to laugh. do some jokes. Play with funny talks. but dont use double meaning language. making funny things dont mean you start making fun of others and make your partner laugh. It should be in natural and organic way only. then only there are chances that your communication grows in better way.
Example : mention any of your funny incident

5) Be in personal space 
Now its time to be in his/her personal space. after spending few weeks like 6-8 and having good and nice conversations, you can ask for to have a place in personal space. at this point you can ask for mobile number or any social connects. to chat on daily basis.
Remember until now we haven’t talked of asking for mobile number. and please don’t ask before  step no. 5
now its your responsibility to be there forever in your partners personal space. never try to judge or take quick decision, which can results to leave personal space.  if someone shares his/her personal space means a lot to that person, so always respect your partner’s time given to you.
Hope this will help you. this way you have to approach your partner.

let us know to discuss the topics of your interest by commenting on our articles. we will be back with that topic very soon.


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  1. Hi there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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